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Our Training Package 2018-2019

HTSA in collaboration with a number of different training partners are delighted to share our training package for the academic year 2018-19.

Highlighted courses are included in the ‘Core’ Training Package which is available to our alliance partners. Further dates and exciting events will be added as the year progresses.

Courses 2018-19



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Leading a Mentally Healthy School

Leading a Mentally Healthy School is a new two-day programme, aimed at senior leaders of all phases to enable reflection and action planning around whole-school approaches to mental health provision.

The programme has been developed by Health Education England (HEE) and the School Development Support Agency (SDSA) in partnership with an expert group of educational psychologists, education consultants and mental health organisations and responds to the areas highlighted in the recent Green Paper – ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision’ (December 2017).

Leading a Mentally Healthy School aims:

  • to enable and empower senior leaders to put mental health at the heart of strategic school improvement.
  • to equip senior leaders with practical and sustainable approaches that can be implemented on return to school.

Enjoyed practical activities

I enjoyed the practical activities and think that they would be useful to share with colleagues.

Great training oppotunity

Great training opportunity for subject leaders to gain greater knowledge / experience to lead a group of teachers.  Good networking for the future too!

Good model to use for moderation.

Good model to use for moderation broken down so it can be identified in books and strengths identified and gaps.

Fantastic coverage of ideas

Fantastic coverage of ideas that I can use during my own moderation meetings.

Super ideas to use manipulatives

Super ideas to use manipulatives to support and enhance learning.  Great examples to use questions to support greater depth.

Very effective and well delivered

Very effective.  Well delivered, full of ideas and excellent opportunities for senior leaders to apply to the moderation element across the consortium.

Really useful models and question prompts

Some really useful models and question prompts discussed in order to promote demonstration of greater depth.

Power of Reading Project 2018-19

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting training on ‘The Power of Reading’ for the second year running starting in January 2019. Please see attached flyer for more information on how to book.

This whole school training project uses high-quality children’s literature and proven creative teaching approaches to engage teachers and children in the literacy curriculum and develop a whole school love of reading and writing. Now in its 13th year, the Power of Reading has raised achievement in over 3500 schools and worked with 5000 teachers nationally. The Power of Reading meets all requirements of NC 2014.

Power of Reading in the Early Years

The Power of Reading in the Early Years brings together best practice from the Power of Reading and Early Years research. It is fully aligned with the main Power of Reading programme, so that practice is consistent throughout the school setting. Early Years practitioners will gain a clear understanding of how the approaches work best to ensure progress in early language and literacy.

Evidence of Impact (National)

Analysis of data by CLPE has shown that Power of Reading schools:

  • Make significant progress in reading and writing, particularly with those pupils who had previously been reluctant to engage with literacy
  • Are effective in narrowing the achievement gap between boys and girls
  • Find that their children choose to read more often, at greater length and are more confident in talking about books


So far:

  • 73% have audited their classroom reading environments and are in the process of or already have developed and improved them.
  • 43% have already made an improvement to the whole school reading environment and a further 27% have identified that improvements need to be made regarding the whole school reading environment/ethos/book stock/whole school library
  • 87% have already trialled at least one teaching sequence. An additional has tried some of the teaching approaches with their current class text but didn’t have to confidence or autonomy to try out one the POR texts
  • 60% have been asked or already have led whole school Reading CPD. This is something we need to monitor – do any of the staff require support with planning and identifying how to roll out the POR to the rest of their school?


CLPE PoR RUGBY Flyer 2018-19.pdf

This sequence was so wonderful.

I love this book (Floodlands) and covered it last year, but this sequence was so wonderful. It really brought the book to life.

Loved the variety!

Excellent (Brownstone’s Mythical Collection), loved the variety which allowed me to really respond to the interests of the class.