Our Staff

Our Staff

Within the Hillmorton Teaching School Alliance we offer a range of staff to support other schools.

Gemma Rudd

Gemma is an outstanding teacher of art and a middle leader who has planned an engaging and exciting art curriculum for KS2 pupils. She has proactively engaged with other subject leads in school to establish meaningful cross curricular links whilst being mindful of the specific skills needing to be taught. Gemma has planned several successful whole school projects such as “Maths in Art”, “Art and Music in Nature” and “Fairy tale Fortnight”. She has delivered staff meetings and INSET to raise the achievement in this subject as well carried out frequent moderation activities across school.  Being an active member of the leadership team, Gemma regularly supports class teachers with ideas for how to incorporate art based activities into theme work as well as subjects where this may not always be so obvious. Gemma also provides support with creating a vibrant and engaging school environment.

Art Specialist

Claire Blood

Claire is a very experienced Deputy Headteacher and SENCO. Claire holds the National Qualification for Special Needs Co-ordinators. Claire has led both Early Years and Key Stage 1. Claire is able to offer support in a range of whole school improvement areas including managing challenging situations. Claire is a champion for special needs. She develops and facilitates great relationships between all stakeholders ensuring that that the needs of every child are met. She is able to offer insightful CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff. She is experienced in writing IEPs and successful EHCP applications.

Special Educational Needs Specialist

Suzanne Swann

Suzanne is an Assistant Headteacher with responsibilities for Early Years and Science. Suzanne has experience as an Early Years Moderator and has also been a key stage 1 moderator. She has overseen the implementation of 30 hour provision and Rising 3s matching delivery with sustainability. Suzanne is a highly motivated Scientist bringing enthusiasm and innovation to the wider curriculum.

Assessment Specialist

Rebecca Stretton

Rebecca is an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Key Stage 1, Literacy and as a Lead for Read, Write Inc. Rebecca has previously been a Local Authority Moderator for Key Stage 1. She has a strong track record for pupil progress, attainment and whole school assessment. Rebecca has provided LA support to schools in the teaching of phonics.

Assessment and English Specialist

Kelly Green

Kelly is an Outstanding teacher with a passion for Art and cross curricular working. Receiving acclaim from Ofsted, LA and consultants on the consistent and stimulating learning environments across school. Kelly has led the review of school environments and provided CPD to both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Art Specialist

Christine Cartwright

Christine has experience teaching across Early Years and Key Stage 1. She has been a champion for Closing the Gap for three years. She works closely with staff and families to develop true partnership working.  Christine has been instrumental in ensuring that disadvantaged pupils make outstanding progress and that there is no gap in attainment by the end of Key Stage 1. Christine has spoken at conferences and supported a number of schools on their journey to closing the gap.

Closing the Gap Specialist

Katie Menzies

Katie has a Bachelor of Education Honours degree specialising in the Early Years and Key Stage One. Katie has eight years experience working across these Key Stages and is currently the EYFS Leader of a newly expanded Reception team and  on site Pre-School.

Katie has created and implemented a creative curriculum full of experiences for children in the EYFS, this allowing children to make connections between one area of learning and another and so extend their understanding.
As part of her Student and Family Support role in school (SaFS) Katie has worked with her Early Years Team to implement and support practiioners with the Achieving Early Programme. This identifies and monitors the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children at the start of their journey through school to help children flourish and develop, ensuring their needs are met at every stage by forming close and collaborative relationships with parents.
Early Years Specialist

Claire Walker

Claire is currently the SENCo, EAL coordinator and a member of the Student and Family Support (SaFS) at Hillmorton Primary School.  She leads weekly meeting with the SEN team offering support with timetabling and resourcing best matched to meet the diverse needs of our children.  She closely monitors interventions and provides feedback and works in partnership with many agencies, including the STS, to provide excellent support for children and families.

Claire has also led staff training on EAL assessment, provision and intervention and has adapted resources to support staff. 

Prior to mainstream teaching, Claire gained experience teaching and supporting children with high levels behavioural, social and emotional needs at BESD school.  

Student and Family Support Specialist
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